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We provide Option delta Hedging Learning. We also do option delta hedging.

We do Pair trading with proper calculative way.

Self-employment opportunities as option delta hedger.

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About the Course

What we provide

  • Basic knowledge about Indian stock market.
  • About index (nifty/ banknifty etc),stock(Equity),future & options (CE/PE).
  • In Options – Understanding strike , Intrinsic value, Expiry, Lot size, open interest, volume, premium , Expiry, BEP calculation, Cash Future, Arbitrage position.
  • Understanding about profit & loss for all segments.
  • What is delta hedging? How it works?
  • Option Greeks , Detailing about DELTA, THETA, GAMMA, VEGA(VOL). Understanding option calculator.
  • Types of Position - Short Gamma , Long Gamma which are based on IV. Risk manage in Running position, profit Locking strategies, Stock selection for Long & short position, Strike selection for positions. Adding Protection for minimize the Risk.
  • Entry & exit in Long & short gamma. Rules for Delta Neutral & Delta Out in positions.
  • Gamma Management , strike shifting methods, Gap-up/Gap-Down management.
  • Spreads based on Iv. IV skew positions.
  • Earning season special strategies. Result based Before /After Result Short-Long gamma IV-based Entry/Exit.
  • Margin and interest calculation
  • Market Macros impact
    - VIX, Sectors, Monetary policy, FED, GDP and inflation data, Market cap
    - Company result impact, currency and crude impact,
    - World economy and indices, FII/DII Data analysis.
  • Software training for delta hedging management (Live & Offline software's for delta).
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We expert in option delta Hedging. We do option delta hedging through data analyse & technology. We do option trade based on IV analyze.

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Eeconomic growth 96%
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